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I'm a huge sports fan, that went to Western Michigan University. I've played just about every sport and loved every one. I'm on leagues for Hockey, Soccer, Billiards (I know it's a strech but if bowling counts so does this), bowling, and Volleyball. I was Born in Detroit and as far as my love of sports go I root for the home team everytime. I live in Waterford and can't wait till we get the minor league stadium for the team, the Oakland Cruisers. I don't get to comerica as much as I'd like but this would be in my backyard I'd go to just about every game.

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Why the PIstons are pissing me off posted on 02/11/2009
I can hardly watch anymore its just ugly watching the Pistons this season. How do you go up by so much to lose it in the last four minutes. That game was depressing. I have never liked Allen Iverson I know it wasn't his fault we lost this game since he didn't play but I feel his style and work ethic hurt this team. There were moments in the game it looked like Hamilton was channeling him I actually mistook him for Iverson. While on the topic of Hamilton why is he coming off the bench for Afflalo. The man scores 30 points off the bench come on coach get him in the game. Before I get too worked up I'll just say we better win tonight.

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Wings on a roll posted on 02/11/2009
   The Red Wings are on a nice streak here. Five wins in nine days. The first period of last nights game looked great, puck control, defense and two goals. Also by the way shots in that period were 27 to 8. The wnigs still won the game but they lost the dominance that that period had. Both Zetterburg and Datsyuk had two goals and an assist. Hossa nets his thirty first goal of the year and rafalski gets three assists. Conklin in net again for the Wings and he had a decent game. They had some good looks on power plays and got three goals it was a very good game.

   Heard some interesting news that you might want to learn about. Jaromir Jagr is about to return to the NHL to play for Edmonton Oilers. This is interesting news since he left to play for a Russian le

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Datsyuk and Hossa get it done for the Wings posted on 02/09/2009
The wings pulled out an impressive shutout yesterday 3-0 verse both Hossa and Conklins former team the Pittsburg Penguins. Conklin did a great job standing up his former teammates, not to give him all the credit our defense was in good form also. Congratualations go out to Marian Hossa on not only keeping his head but also reaching the thirty goal mark. Datsyuk scored the first two goals and its good see him on his game. Really the whole team has had a good week. Four wins this week for the Red Wings bravo guys. Lets keep this winning going. On a side note after the game there was an interview of Zetterburg I assume some of you watched it. One of the interviewers questions was about sidney crosby. I just want to say why in a three nothing win are we talking about him instead of the Wings. I know we are in Pittsburg and they are getting a lot of press but really in a game like that talk about the Red Wings they deserve it.

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Red Wings finally win posted on 02/03/2009
After dropping five straight last night they finally pulled out a win. Yes it wasn't pretty and yes it was in a shoot-out but hey its a win. The wings dominated as usual, especially late in the third period but just couldn't score. Then in over time they looked like a mite team playing a mini-mite team waiting for the perfect chance. Puck control and holding the blue line were incredible just no good shots. Osgood was ok, he's still not back to form but he's getting there. Hossa and Hudler really came through in the shoot-out. Osgood stoned there last shooter making him try for a last ditch effort of shooting the puck off Osgoods back praying for a goal that was not to be. Climactic finnish to game that should have been over with a divinative win but instead a weak one but we'll

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Amy Acuff and Other Track news posted on 02/03/2009
   In high School I was a distance runner and hurdler, track is something I know all about. I'm sorry to say Amy is retiring for those of you that don't know she had a huge impact on bringing fans to the track for the last 15 years. She was in four olympics and won many titles and medals. I say this for all fans you will be missed.
   I'd like to congradulate the silver medal winner of this last olympics in the 200 meter race. Both people in front of him were disqualified for running outside of their lanes so he went from fourth up to second. He recently desided to give his medal to the original man in second place, in his words, "if your ten meters behind a man, whats it matter if he steps out of his lane without intervering, he beat you."

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